My Statement of Faith :)

Can You Tell Us A Little About Why You Became A Christian? And How If Any It Changed Your Life?
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My Statement of Faith :)

Postby JRKupel » Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:45 pm

Hello everyone, first of all I'd like to thank my father Pastor_John for letting me take over this board, I really would like to see this board flourish and help people in many different walks of life, I've been through a lot in my lifetime and I believe that I could really help people with anything that they'd like to discuss. My father has instilled in me the Word of God since I was a small child, although at times I may have seemed rebellious but he always found a way to bring me back, I'd like to say that he's one of the reasons of why I wanted this board to continue, the other reason is to bring myself closer to our Lord through the many different fellowships that could be acquired through this board, so I encourage you to become a part of this board, even though I'm here to maintain it and keep it going, it is only here to serve one purpose and that is to glorify our Heavenly Father which is Christ Jesus. If you know of any Christian/Non-Christian individuals who you may think might enjoy learning about our Heavenly Father I encourage you to give them the URL to this board so that they may partake in the spiritual fellowship that will be here. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone that comes here and hope you learn a lot as you browse through the different sections of this board, thank you for being here and look forward to talking with you all :)

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