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My earlier Years running a Cgristian BBS

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:27 pm
by Pastor_John
Detroit, MI John's Corner, One Way Christian BBS
(1987-1991) John Kupel Renagade (Conversion)
"Hi All, I ran this delightfull BBS from '87 - late '91. I had a great helper in redesigning and adding to the Renagade software. Brian Giles was a great help and encentive to keep the system running. I ran the system on a Commodore 64 and as it was only 300 baud we had to rewrite it to work at about 600 baud. In about the later part of '88 we upgraded to a 1200 baud modem and we called it a bee Boo modem because it was a two toned (mid to low) looking for which mode it would connect with 600 or 1200 baud. One Way was designed and ran to promote living a Christ like lifestile and to educate others on the Salvation plan. I met my Christian wife (Sheryl) through running this system. the system ran till late '91 from the Commodore to the software being redesigned for an IBM Clone system and was dropped in late 1991 due to lack of calls and interest.." - John Kupel